Garden Design

We like our clients to have a comprehensive understanding of how we work

Our design is informed by our clients from the very beginning, when we have an initial complementary consultation. As a team we enjoy getting to know our clients wants and visions – why the change is required, what your lifestyle is like, what your space is going to be used for and what your aesthetic preferences are.


The initial part of the process involves a site investigation and an in depth discussion to establish the scope of the project. Following this a detailed written brief and fee proposal is submitted.


A full topographical survey is required before the design process can begin. If the client does not already have one of these, we can organise one. Photographs and soil samples are taken at this stage to give us a detailed understanding of the site.


Once the site survey and brief has been completed we develop the concept, perspectives, sections and moodboards. This is then delivered at an essential meeting where we discuss outline options, alterations and timeframes, as well as any planning application requirements.


The masterplan shows the proposed garden layout and includes key structural planting. A plant schedule will be drawn up detailing the plants required for the design, the quantity, the size and their location in the garden. Documentation for tender is prepared including construction plans and technical details.

Tender & Construction

After putting the construction documents out for tender, the installation begins. At this point we work extremely closely with the construction team, whether it’s the clients chosen contractor or our own teams. All aspects of the construction work are fully guaranteed and insured.

Aftercare and Maintainance

We never leave a project until it’s fully completed and ready to be handed over. At this stage we advise clients on after care; helping interview potential gardeners or organising a schedule for our maintenance team to carry out the work.

Maintenance Services